Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Generosity and Art

I look forward to checking the mailbox these days. Bills, flyers and magazines are always there. But if I'm lucky, I'll also find a neatly addressed envelope that contains a special gift---a tiny piece of art from a new, virtual friend!

The image above is a page from my ATC collection. The acid-free pockets, originally made to fit standard sports trading cards kept in a three-ring binder, are perfect for these tiny pieces of art. Imagine the generous spirit of the individuals from around the world who share their creative talent with strangers for the cost of a postage stamp and a card in return. Amazing, isn't it?

Some of the cards are cut paper collages, some doodled in inks or colored pencils. A few, like most of my own, are digital collages created from photos and images in the public domain, manipulated to create backgrounds for a dramatic effect. What they all have in common is the creative passion of the individual artists who create them and their generosity in sharing them with others.

Do you think you'd like to try your hand? Search "ATCs" on google or yahoo and see what comes up for you. You may be surprised at what you find!


PAK ART said...

I just love the whole ATC/cyber friends too! It's just a whole new world for me. I really like your japanese children ATC's on the sidebar. My son is super-interested in Japan and has just spent the last 3 months living there. I need to create more cards so I have some to trade. I'll get to work this weekend!

Blogger said...

when you've made more and uploaded them, send me the link. Maybe we can trade!

Jenxo said...

i loved trading with you Cindy..... and its always a lovely surprise when theres art mail and its not bills....jenxo