Friday, March 30, 2012

When you have no more room at home...

a visitor to the studio adds an image to the community collage an outside studio space with two friends at The Creative Center in Greensboro, NC., a young and vibrant new art community! There have been so many benefits to this move. In addition to regaining the spare bedroom at home and finally organizing all of my "stuff," I've met so many creative and interesting people (and their studio dogs). The whole building is alive with energy. Close the door and you can work undisturbed, but open it and tenants and visitors flow in and out to say hello, chat, or sit for a bit.

The Creative Center (formerly The Greensboro School of Creativity) is a non-profit membership organization born out of the belief that we are all, by our very nature, creative. Whether by picking up a pen, paintbrush, stepping on stage, or singing a song we experience something of our true nature when we create. It is how we were born!

Originally called The Sanctuary, The Center was founded in December of 2005 in the hope of providing a place of safety for people. The school wanted to be a community that allowed people to live authentically, flourish creatively, and thrive spiritually. On their six-acre campus, The Sanctuary offered book groups, art classes, and recovery meetings as well as weekly worship services. But the mission needed some tweaking.

After two years they moved to a new space where the organization began to explore other ways to reach the stated mission. With more classes, art openings, and yoga classes, they grew into a spirituality and creativity center.

In January, 2011, they returned to our original location but with a new name. The Greensboro School of Creativity was now offering studio spaces for artists as well as classes, and the increased space allowed our curriculum to grow as well. And now...another name change to The Creative Center!

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